You won't get a cookie-cutter design with Imhoff Construction Services, like you might with other design-build companies. Our PriorityBuild® design-build process allows you to choose any design professional. You are not limited to the design-build contractor's on-staff designer. This gives you the freedom to choose an architect that fits the chemistry of your building committee team and the design style you are looking for. It also allows you to use an architect you have used on a previous project.

After establishing the goals and vision for your project, we will help you choose an architect that best fits your building committee team and your projects goals. Your involvement in this stage is extremely important since you will be providing key information that will be used to design your new facility.

We will then work with you and the chosen architect as a team to design your new facility, incorporating proven cost-effective design features and construction techniques to help you receive the best facility for your investment. By working as a team - owner, architect and contractor - project costs can be kept in line with the project budget more easily and issues that might have led to costly change orders can be taken care of before construction begins, helping to eliminate unforeseen costs.

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