Have you ever had a roof leak where you just could not find the source. Do you wonder why your heating bill is so expensive. Our building diagnostics service is designed to help you answer these questions.

Using state of the art thermal imaging equipment from industry leader, FLIR Systems, we offer a noninvasive alternative to finding costly building maintenance issues. Infrared camera technology allows us to locate problem areas without costly and time consuming deconstruction.

The uses for thermal imaging are nearly endless. Infrared camera technology is well suited for performing commercial and residential building inspections, energy audits, and even documenting pre-existing building conditions for your renovation project.

Commercial & Residential Inspection - Infrared camera technology opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to inspecting buildings for possible defects and problem areas. What you get is a technology that allows us to quickly diagnose your buildings conditions in a noninvasive, non-destructive way. We literally have the ability to see through walls.

Infrared camera technology makes it possible to locate:

  • Electrical Issues
  • Plumbing and HVAC problem areas
  • Roof and Wall Inspections
  • Water Infiltration
  • Termite Nests

Energy Auditing - Do you know how energy efficient your home or commercial facility is? With today's high energy costs, making your facility as energy efficient as possible is a great way to lower your energy costs. Infrared cameras are perfect for performing quick and accurate energy audits. We can quickly and easily determine areas of energy loss and inefficiency, and can offer suggestions on how to improve those areas.

An energy audit will determine:

  • The energy efficiency of your facility
  • Areas of cost savings
  • If building systems are operating properly

Restoration - If you are planning a restoration project it is difficult to determine what your actual costs may be because of potential problem areas that are undetectable to the naked eye. By using infrared camera technology you can locate these problem areas during the planning stages of your project and help eliminate unforeseen costs. We can also find hidden electrical wires, pipes and ductwork that would not be found until demolition had begun.

We can assist you with your restoration project by:

  • Detecting building moisture issues
  • Documenting restoration conditions
  • Pinpointing problem areas ahead of time to help eliminate unforeseen costs

Not only can we use this technology to inspect your current structure we can use it to document the construction process of your new construction facility. Infrared camera technology gives us the ability to make sure that your new facility is being built to the highest standard of quality. During construction we can make sure that masonry walls are reinforced to specification, walls are insulated properly, that there are no areas of water or air infiltration, and many other systematic checks that ensure your new facility is built to the highest standard of quality.

Notice the dark blue color of the window frame. This image shows that the window frame is an area of cold air infiltration.

The dark areas moving from the floor to the ceiling show cells in the masonry wall that have been grouted. Notice the dark area around the door that shows that cold air is making its way into the building.

This image shows a classic example of a wall that is poorly insulated. Also, notice the cold air that is entering the building through the air conditioner during the winter. If you look closely at the walls you can even see the wooden studs.

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