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With so many different contracting methods available the decision may sometimes feel impossible. The three main contracting methods that are commonly used are design-bid-build (DBB), construction manager (CM), and design-build. We have participated in each of these different methods of contracting and over the years we have found the design-build method to be the most beneficial for the client.

According to a study performed by the Construction Industry Institute, in conjunction with Pennsylvania State University, the design-build contracting method outperformed other methods of contracting in both cost effectiveness and time.

The study found that:

  • Design-build proved to be 6% more cost effective than DBB while it was 4.5% more cost effective than the CM contracting method.
  • Design-build construction speed was 7% faster than that of CM, and 12% faster than DBB.
  • Project delivery speed was found to be far quicker with design-build, being 23% quicker than a CM project and 33% quicker than DBB.

There are several features of design-build that allow it to be quicker and more cost effective than DBB or CM:

  • Design-build allows early contractor input such as value-engineering that aids in producing a cost effective and functional architectural design the gives the client the best value for their investment.
  • We can establish a guaranteed maximum price for your project after the scope of the project has been defined.
  • Construction of your project may begin before the construction drawings are complete. As soon as the first drawings that are needed to begin construction are complete, we can begin construction of your project while the other drawings are being finalized. Other methods of contracting do not allow this.
  • High cost change orders can be avoided since we will be working directly with the design professional.
  • The design-build method of contracting promotes a "team" atmosphere that promotes sharing ideas that lead to cost effective solutions and virtually eliminates misunderstandings that may lead to legal issues

Since we feel that the design-build contracting method is the best solution for our clients we developed our PriorityBuild® project delivery system. Our PriorityBuild® system takes design-build further by improving upon the design-build contracting method.

You may be asking yourself, "What is PriorityBuild®?". PriorityBuild® is a project delivery system that gives you more flexibility then traditional design-build and allows you to be involved in every major phase of the design process. At Imhoff Construction Services we don't say what you want to hear, we hear what you have to say. This mindset shows itself in our PriorityBuild® system. Who knows better about what you want and need then you. Through conversation with you, we can uncover what your "priority" for your project is. Priority, by definition is something that deserves precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency.

So...what is your PRIORITY?

  • Budget
  • Function
  • Building Material
  • Completion Date

Simply put, your PRIORITY is the most important consideration for your project. If you are on a tight budget, then budget is your PRIORITY and that will be the top consideration when designing your new facility. If getting the project completed as soon as possible is the top concern, then the design and planning stages of the construction process will be accelerated to accommodate a quicker construction start date.

Once your PRIORITY has been established we will assist you in choosing an architect that is best suited for your particular construction project. There is no need to be limited to only the designers on the contractor's staff like other design/build companies. With PriorityBuild® you can choose from any number of design professionals, including an architect you have used in the past for previous projects. You do not need to worry whether or not your design ideas will make it into the final project design; we work directly with you and the architect, and ensure your needs are met. Since we use external design professionals there is no conflict of interest in the designing of your project like there might be with a contractor who uses an in-house design staff. Your needs and ideas for your future building will not be sacrificed for reasons that may benefit the contractor.

Simply put, PriorityBuild® gives you options and lets your voice be heard.

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