Imhoff Construction Services; our name says it all. We understand that there is more to construction than just building, buildings. Because of this we have developed a complete construction services package designed to meet any need our clients may have. From pre-construction planning, to construction and beyond, we have a service that will fulfill your construction needs.

While we have several highly specialized services, like Infrared Building Diagnostics, Green Construction, and our PriorityBuild¨ Design-Build system, we also have a solid core of traditional services that we offer to our clients.

Planning and Development - Every successful construction project begins by developing a plan of action to help keep the project on time and within budget. With over two decades of dedicated commercial construction experience, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you develop a comprehensive construction plan that will make your project a success.

Commercial/Industrial General Contracting - Our company was founded as a commercial general contracting company. Whether your project is a thousand dollars or ten million dollars, we have been there, and done that. There is no substitute for experience in commercial construction where time is money and you need a contractor that will get the job done right the first time.

Industrial/Building Maintenance - We have been providing industrial and building maintenance services to northern and central Ohio businesses since we first opened our doors in 1985. Our combination of experience and technology allows us to provide our clients with quick and cost effective solutions to their building maintenance needs. We are the only construction company in Wayne County to provide infrared camera building diagnostic services. This technology allows us to provide you with a quick and noninvasive diagnosis of potential problem areas, saving you valuable time and money.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems - Are you looking for a cost effective solution to conventional construction. Pre-engineered metal building systems are an excellent way of maximizing the value of your investment. The applications for pre-engineered metal buildings are nearly endless. We have used metal building construction for commercial, industrial and institutional construction.

Masonry Specialists - It is hard to find a general contractor that performs their own work anymore. At Imhoff, we take pride in our work, and our masonry is no exception. We prefer to self perform our work because we can control the quality of the finished product to tighter tolerances than someone else who uses subcontractors. Our company follows a strict TQM program that covers every process during the construction of your facility to ensure that our work is the best in the industry.

Crane Service - Our 20 ton P&H crane is suitable for a number of different tasks. We offer crane services such as setting trusses, erecting metal buildings, loading and unloading trucks, and installing industrial machinery.

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